A Little About Me

I got involved in healing work through the love of my first dog, Diva, a flat-coated retriever. She was a therapy dog with me and we would go to the library and have children read to her. The kids got so excited that they turned the book around for her to see the pictures and read upside down!

Very talented kids!

The therapy organization called PAWS for People held yearly conferences where they invited experts from all areas. One year, two Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioners came.

The room had about 10 people and 5 therapy dogs that were ready to go home at the end of the day. The Practitioners started talking and these dogs relaxed and went to sleep. I knew right then this was for me. I took all 4 levels and an advanced proficiency course and became the coordinator for my area.

My sweet Diva in the meantime was my teacher. First though some surgeries she needed a few summers ago and then through her cancer and transitioning. I truly believe she guided me into this work so that I can help ease the burden for others going through changes in their pet’s lives. My education continues through my two current teachers, Dolce and Carlo.

Cindy Baker